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Debut Hanoi Jane album made up of Surfing New Jersey outtakes and solo music from Kevin Parker (Kate McColl).

Hanoi Jane was Zack Perez and Kevin Parker in 2011.


released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: One Recalled
Running though a darkened maze.
Unworthy love, unworthy praise.
A mechanical canine, a practical scene.
A tint of green.
Maternal, serene.
Track Name: Clever Song
If I grew wings and flew above your head,
you wouldn’t recognize me:
I’m of Armenian descent.

Even with my slightest attempts,
you’re still of magnitude to me.
Like layers of strata resting on top of me.

Praying to my adhesive roof (ceiling),
where all my prayers stick.
I hope I can revive our love with dead metaphors.
Track Name: The Socialist Shuffle
Socialist shuffle, got my eye on you.
Chastise me like it's nothing new.
What do you expect, well what should we do?
It's all a matter of who knows who.
Socialist shuffle, taking things too far.
You’re a decorated queen driving a fancy new car,
borrowing opinions from a talk radio star.
Engorging yourself on political satire.

Socialist shuffle and you’re delirious.
Everything you hear is quite ridiculous.
Lies, lies, lies and more lies seem to ravage through.
Pardon me sir, but I think this nation’s...
(a bit too savage).
Socialist Shuffle, a lie that always seems to trend.
Take a step back, because I have no hand to lend.
Your kind of logic is a bit too surreal.
Maybe one day you'll open your eyes and see what's real.

You’re a fake, a mistake!
Track Name: The Animals We Will Harm
With this new downfall, I’m sure you can rank them all.
Sort them in rank: Moral, immoral, amoral.

They seem indifferent now but when exactly did now begin?
And where does the end start?
I’m begging for the end of the end.

Is coherence an issue?
Does the story logically add up?
Who cares!
We’ll film anyway, fluent in our poor dialogue.

The men will be John Wayne.
The women always stereotypes.
And all the animals we will harm will (would) be killed eventually by anything.
Track Name: Clockwork Puppets
Dear Ty,

I love you with all my heart. Together we have created an endless amount of memories that will last a lifetime. This is a memory board.Fill it with the times that you love most. You’re my boy, my ducky. I want this to last forever,

Track Name: Factory Blues
Unwanted, not needed.
Tearing a hole through caring.
Track Name: My Mental Estate
Alter my mind and make me delve into
the waters of my consciousness.
Find me figures of the past to meet concerned
with psychedelic matters at hand.
Substances from a pretty flower make
my state of life a bleeding orifice.
Images and colors never seen by man crawl up my skin like a leech.

Suspended in air and leaping about, my mental estate
expands its borders.
New knowledge gained on a long trip, a
new taste for life. (A new taste for life).
Your reality is my fantasy.
Track Name: Breakfast at Gaddafi's
Took power, killed his own people.
Lockerbie, for the people.
Pop culture, Americana.
Come have breakfast at Gaddafi’s!

Breakfast at Gaddafi’s!
I wonder what I’ll wear!

Celebratory status gets you in for free.
Lay your blessings down at the feet of...
What are you?
Some kind of...?
Come have breakfast at Gaddafi’s!
Track Name: Of Subject Written (Baroque Cysts)
Blind and anchored, I still yearn for you and your deplorable ways.
Never will there be a successor even if, by your pale hands,
I am sent to board that train.
The one that bestows the gift of us to winter’s beloved camps.
I’d sleep on death’s snow-white molars.
He’d be waiting to bite down in all his improvised glory.