The Socialist Shuffle

by Hanoi Jane

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(free) 02:56


Lead single promoting Hanoi Jane's sophomore album entitled "СЛАВА!".

Hanoi Jane is:

Zack Perez
Kate McColl
Randall Majors


released October 6, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Socialist Shuffle
Socialist Shuffle, got my eye on you.
Chastise me like it's nothing new.
What do you expect?
Well, what should we do?
It's all a matter of "who knows who".
Socialist Shuffle, taking things too far.
You're a decorated queen driving a fancy new car.
Borrowing opinions from a talk radio star.
Engorging yourself on political satire.
Socialist Shuffle, guess it's nothing new.
The pigs in the street will beat you black and blue.
New York, Cleveland and Ferguson too.

Socialist Shuffle and you're delirious.
Everything you hear is quite ridiculous.
Lies, lies, lies and more lies seem to ravage through.
Pardon me sir, but I think this nation's a bit too savage.
Socialist Shuffle, a lie that always seems to trend.
Take a step back 'cause I have no hand to lend.
Your kind of logic is a bit too surreal.
Maybe one day you'll open your eyes and see what's real.